Mala Lehota 4EO

The funding of each EWTP is individual because each of them is unique, therefore let us make an offer for you.

This EWTP is built for the family house with 4 occupants. Works drain by gravity. Water is planned to be captured in lake about the size of 100 square metres which is meant to be used for fish farming. The size of this EWTP is 24 square metres. Pretreatment of the gross sludge provides the 3-chamber septic system, which is connected to the EWTP. The execution period of 50 hours at 4 -member team working.

Our client said about us


„ Here they came , 4 pieces of rover boys, they worked,worked and worked until they finished it up…. Boys are adroit, constant, creative …. I could spread only praises about them and I will with pleasure.”

Mrs. Dana