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Get to know the team, backing up the ecological wastewater treatment project

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Adam Krakovsky came with an idea to run out the ekocisticky. Him and the team of ekocisticky started to be interested in waste water treatment by ecological method and beneficial way for nature. Young slovak blood stay behind this project of ekocisticky. We are conscious of indisputable advantages of this method of waste water cleaning. We take our activities as a service for our country,where our children will grow up. The ekocisticka represents simpleness, economic profitability and is enviromentally friendly.
The organisations which supported us share this opinion as well. We offer for our clients and partners design-and-build contract. The ekocisticky conists of team of young experts with passion for ecological industry and innovations in it as well as experts who mentor us.

Our team

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Adam Krakovský

project manager/marketing

He was charmed by ecology at high school and run out the ekocisticky afterwards. He loves his job, nature and fitness. He find himself in the marketing and he likes inspiring people.


Vladimír Baďo


Building technician, attending in innovations in building. He likes to help people and nature. His favourite activity is pumping his muscles in fitness centre.


Filip Baďo

project manager

Graduated lawyer who does not like to sit on his butt for all day … when is not driving he likes to go to the mountains. He loves nature a positive attitude to the life.


Peter Olos


Engineering, trying to solve vexed, alternatives of bioenergetics and ecological building with passion for ecotechnics, permaculture, healthy lifestyle, involved in composing music and extrem sports.


Lukáš Vrtich


Degree in business and management. A devoted heart in wild nature, seasonal ski instructor whose versatility knows no bounds … everyday is taking on new challenges… eco by heart and body.


Matej Varga


An incoming landscape architect who loves nature and development of it. He find himself in the landscape design, 3D graphics, architecture, actual trends of living and ecology. His work is also his hobby


Ján Žember


I am a little bit older then boys and I have already built some ekocistika. The first EWTP contact was in Canada in 1993. I am full of energy and enthusiasm. I like to teach the team of ekocisticky.