Eco wastewater treatment plant

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How does it work?

Ecological wastewater treatment is isolated gravel field into which the waste water is piped. In the gravel there are growing the water plants used for cleaning the water.
The plants clean the water due to their roots and aerobes living nearby the roots. These germs live with the plants in the harmony and symbiosis. The plants supply the roots with the oxygen and the germs decompose the complicated chemical substances into the simpler ones which the plants need.
The whole system is based on the natural way and does not use any technical components, which could break eventually.
This system is attached to already existing setling tank or septic tank. We build these systems in accordance with law of Slovak Republic and are accredited by Bureau of Enviroment. The outlet drain is made into an existing river, stream, bulk tank or fancy lake.

Experts references

Ing. Maros Salva (hydraulic engineer):„ In today’s fast world crowded with informations, people are not intrested in the functioning of technology. They just want it to work simply and reliably. The ekocisticka is solution which is warranted by nature for thousands of years.”

Ing. Roman Hromadka (Woodland of Slovankia) :„ In my opinion, ekocisticka is full-featured alternative compared with chemical waste water treatmet. This is also proved by many ekocistickas built in Europe. I am a fan of them as a ranger because it is about ecological and enviroment friendly technology which dovetails into the enviroment.”

Mgr. Juraj Kavecky (head of VTP Zilina):„ Ekocisticky is great alternative to an existing method of waste water cleaning. Besides ecological function it presents aesthetic function as well. The people living in the north countries and Germany care about enviroment and thats why ekocistiky is so popular in here. “

Advantages of eco-treatment plant

  • No need of electricity
  • Requires hardly any maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Clean all the water from the households
  • Affect favourably the micro-climate of surroundings
  • Complement aesthetically the surroundings
  • Cope well with changeable water inflow
  • Also appropriate for community wastewater treatment
  • Low operating expenses in comparison with other types of wastewater treatment

Comparison of cost


Water consumption in houshold